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Payment Plan Benefits

Easy online enrollment

Flexible payment options

No interest

Make College Easier to Pay For with a Tuition Payment Plan.

Make college more affordable by paying for tuition and fees over time. Tuition payment plans break down your tuition balance into affordable monthly payments. There’s no interest, payment options are flexible, setup fees are affordable, and it’s easy to enroll!

Payment Plan Information

Choose Your Payment Method

  • Automatic payment from checking or savings account (ACH)
  • Automatic payment from credit or debit card (a service fee of 2.85% will be assessed for card transactions)


Cost to Participate

  • $40 nonrefundable enrollment fee per agreement
  • Up to $30 nonrefundable returned payment fee if a payment is returned

Steps to Enroll

*Make sure you have popup blocker disabled for your browser.*

Enroll Today

Students: If someone is paying on your behalf, you MUST first set them up as an Authorized Payer

Authorized Payers: If you are paying on behalf of the student, the student MUST access or set up their account first and then add you as an Authorized Payer

  • Click “Enroll Today” to be connected to your PAWS account
  • Click on “Payment Center (Enable Pop-ups)” on your student account page
  • Choose “Payment Plan” from the menu on the left and follow the prompts accordingly

Balance Adjustments

If your balance increases or decreases at the school, your balance on the plan may increase or decrease as well.

Please make sure that you check and are aware of the emails that the plan sends out when updates are made.

Target Dates To Enroll By

Fall 2024

Payment plans available on July 22, 2024.

Monthly payments are processed automatically on the 20th of the month.

Last Day to Enroll OnlineRequired Down PaymentNumber of PaymentsMonths of Payments
August 9$1004Aug-Nov
Sept 3$1003Sept-Nov

UW Flexible Degree Program Plans

All plans have a payment due at sign up and 1 scheduled payment.

Scheduled payments are processed automatically.

Term NameOpens for EnrollmentLast Day to Enroll OnlineRequired Down PaymentScheduled Payment date
January 2024December 12January 950%February 6
February 2024January 16February 1350%March 12
March 2024February 13March 1250%April 9
April 2024March 12April 950%May 7
May 2024April 16May 1450%June 11
June 2024May 14June 1150%July 9
July 2024June 11July 950%August 6
August 2024July 16August 1350%September 10
September 2024August 13September 1050%October 8
October 2024September 10October 850%November 5
November 2024October 15November 1250%December 10
December 2024November 12December 1050%January 7